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Bronzoni Electrical Motors

Bronzoni Motors was borne out of Luigi and Renato Bronzoni's desire to introduce a high quality product on the market in 1976.

Since then the Company has developed and implemented every stage necessary to design, build, test and store electrical asynchronous motors.

The driving force behind the Company's growth over time is the ongoing effort to source high quality materials and achieve the highest manufacturing standards.

The main objective is to meet each and any of our Clients' requirements, product customization providing motivation and inspiration to design and analyze new and different solutions.

A very flexible and adjustable structure allows production to be carried out quickly and efficiently.
In the pursuit of the highest quality standards a complete, customized range of components has been produced aimed at ensuring more rationality in execution, improvements in assembly and logistics procedures, and a substantial reduction in the time needed for different couplings.

The highest quality levels are achieved thanks to meticulous checks carried out over the entire production cycle, from the arrival of raw materials to the despatch of the finished products.

Over time we have met a number of challenges and technological innovations with prompt enthusiasm, sure that the reliability and durability of Bronzoni motors meet the market's most demanding requirements.